The forms below should be used as part of formal written request of or an exception to a published policy or requirement – for example, dropping a course after the published deadline. After you submit your request, an email will be sent to your UCSB account of the notification on the decision. 

Petitions should be printed as PDFs, scanned, or photographed and emailed to

Please fill out the correct form completely and legibly (typed or in blue/black ink) with all of the requested information.  Any missing or incorrect information will delay its processing and may lead to a denial (e.g., missing documentation for a drop petition).   

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a student in the College of Letters and Science to submit these forms.  College of Engineering Students or College of Creative Studies students should contact advisors in their colleges even when the request pertains to a course offered by Letters and Science.

Please go to the Registrar's "Forms" webpage for university-wide forms:  Undergraduate Withdrawal (from an entire term), Readmission/Reinstatement, and more.

General Education Requirements

To have a transfer courseUC EAP course, or a UC Cross-Campus Enrollment course for a General Education Program requirement 


Read the instructions carefully and supply all requested information, including a syllabus or course description for course. In particular for the Writing Requirement petition, failure to include a statement on instructor feedback will cause your request to be denied.   For the Writing Requirement, a nonreturnable copy of the paper(s) written for the UC or UC EAP course must also be submitted (see below).  Send the completed form to

Please note that UCSB courses cannot be approved for any General Education Requirements that they have not already been approved for except for the Special Subjects Writing Requirement.  This is because UCSB courses have already been evaluated for GEs by Faculty Senate.

Sometimes a transfer course,* UC EAP, or UC Cross-Campus Enrollment course clearly meets the guidelines for a GE requirement and so a formal request may not be needed. You may meet with a Letters and Science advisor who can determine this (bring a course syllabus). Formal requests are required for UCSB courses (that are not  pre-approved) or for UC EAP courses to be applied toward the Writing Requirement.  See the Writing Petition Instructions below.  Only UC, including UC EAP, courses may apply to  for the Writing Requirement and not courses from other institutions. 

* Note: most California community college courses have already been evaluated and articulated for transfer credit and do not need to be petitioned.  Go to to determine if a California community college course transfers to UCSB and if it applies to any GE requirements.  

Decision notification:   3-4 weeks

GE Writing Requirement Instructions

Download the instructions below  to request to have a UC or a UC EAP course apply to the GE-Writing Requirement. Please note that a General Education Requirements Request  must be completed and submitted with the materials specificed in the instructions.  Also, a maximum of two courses me may be approved by petition to fulfill the GE-Writing Requirement. 



Please read the instructions carefully and supply all requested information.  In particular, if no statement is included regarding instructor feedback for the Writing Requirement petition, your request will be denied.

With your completed request, please attach a syllabus or course description for the transfer course in question, as well as a nonreturnable copy of the paper(s) written for the UCSB or UC EAP course being petitioned. **Only UC (including UC EAP) courses can be petitioned for the Writing Requirement; courses from other institutions are not accepted for this GE.

Decision notification:   3-4 weeks

Credit and Enrollment Clarification

For Concurrent Enrollment, Second Repeat, Legal Repeat, and more



You will use this form in order to

  • Be concurrently enrolled (receive credit for a course taken at another institution during a quarter in which you are enrolled at UCSB and are not in regular academic standing).
  • Request to repeat a course for a second time.
  • Do a "Legal Repeat" of a course at another UC  campus (requires major department endorsement).
  • Take a course for "Study List Credit" (enrolling in a course for which a student has already earned credit).

Decision notification:  1-2 weeks

Deficit Load

To enroll in fewer than 12 units for a regular quarter



It is best to submit this request before the start of the term in which you are seeking a deficit course load. Email the form to

Please note that an approval of a deficit load does not automatically result in a reduction of fees.  Go to the Registar's Forms website for information about a Partial Fee Reduction, and questions about the fee reduction should be emailed to

Students on an F-1 visa must also submit an OISS approved Reduced Course Load (RCL) form with the deficit load petition.  The RCL must be signed by the College advisor and OISS before it can be submitted with the deficit load petition. 

Decision notification:  up to 2 weeks

Permanent Deficit Load

To enroll in fewer than 12 units for the remainder of one's undergraduate studies



It is best to submit this request before the start of the term in which you are seeking a deficit course load.

Please note that approval of a permanent deficit load will automatically result in a reduction of fees. For details about fee implications, please email the Registrar:

This application, if approved, will eliminate the need to petition for a deficit program at the beginning of each quarter.

Decision notification: up to 2 weeks

Excess Load

To enroll in more than the published maximum units



Submit this request to the College Advising Office (1117 Cheadle Hall) or email it to You need to submit this form if you wish to enroll in:

  • More than 21 units in a regular quarter while in good academic standing.
  • More than 17 units in a regular quarter while on academic probation or reinstatement-probation.
  • More than 16 units in any single or overlapping summer sessions.

It is best to submit your request before the start of the term in which you are seeking the exception. NOTE: requests above 30 units are very rarely approved by the dean and will not be approved without a strong academic record and an extraordinary and compelling justification. 

Decision notification:  up to 1 week.  Please note that when form is turned in prior to the requested quarter, there is a hold for your current quarter's grades and then processed once grades are reported.

Proposed Schedule for Graduation (PSG)

To register beyond 200 units



The PSG is a planning tool for students who want permission to complete more than 200 units prior to earning their degree.  Please send the completed form to

On the form, you must:

  • Explain why you need additional units and time at UCSB.
  • Provide a quarter-by-quarter plan to fulfill your remaining requirements for graduation.
  • Obtain the endorsement of the departmental advisor in your major(s) and minor (if you are pursuing one).

Decision notification:  varies, up to 2-3 weeks

Academic Self-Assessment

Students who are subject to disqualification or are academically disqualified must complete an Academic Self-Assessement.  Go to the Academic Difficulty page for details and to access the form.

Credit by Examination

To receive credit for a course by taking an examination



To be considered for Credit by Examination, you must:

  • Have prepared independently for the examination, without having received formal instruction.
  • Be enrolled in a regular quarter (fall, winter, or spring) at UCSB.
  • Obtain approval from both the supervising faculty member and the chair of the department that offers the course.
  • Obtain the petition from the Office of the Registrar (petition is also available as a download above).
  • Submit the petition to the College Advising Office (1117 Cheadle Hall) no later than three weeks before the examination is scheduled.

On the petition, you must indicate how you have prepared for the exam and the grading option you wish.

If your request is approved, you will be assigned whatever grade the instructor reports as a result of the examination. Coursework completed by examination does not apply to academic residence requirements.

More information on obtaining credit by examination is available through the General Catalog.

Add a Course--Late

To add a course during the quarter it is offered after the add deadline which falls on the 15th day of instruction during a regular quarter



The instructor's approval is always required to late add a course and in some situations, the department's approval. The college will accept emails from instructors or departments instead of signatures. 

Decision notification:  up to 1 week

Add a Course--Retroactive

To add a course after the quarter has passed



The instructor's approval is always required to add a course retroactively and, in some situations, the department's approval (emails rather than signature are fine).  The student also must include a statement that explains why the course was not added during the term.  Please note that if  a petition is approved, the instructor needs to enter a grade in eGrades.  It is the student's responsibilty to follow-up with the instructor to request that a grade is recorded.

Decision notification:  1-2 weeks

Drop a Course (with a W)

To withdraw from a course after the GOLD deadline



Special Note for Late Drops during Fall 2022--because of the TA strike, all late drop requests made from November 14-December 2 will be considered as being made for hardship reasons (see below, no documentation is necessary) and will be approved even if a student is repeating a course. Also, these drops will not count toward the limit of three approved drops for academic reasons.  

After the course drop deadline on GOLD has passed, during the term of the course students can request a late drop (up through the last day of instruction of the term) or a retroactive drop (requested after course instruction has ended).  See the Registrar’s Registration Calendar for quarter/session deadlines.  If the drop is approved, the course remains on the transcript with a "W" (Withdrawn) listed as the grade.  This drop form is only for use by College of Letters and Science students. Students in the College of Engineering and the College of Creative Studies should consult with advisors in their respective college about dropping courses. 

Please note that the form above is used if a student is requesting to drop one or some but not all of their courses.  To drop all courses in a quarter before the quarter's last day of instruction students must complete the Undergraduate Withdrawal Petition available from the Registrar.  For a complete retroactive withdrawal (drops of all classes in a term after the last day of instruction), students must fill out the drop form with each course listed. To cancel a future term, go to the Progress menu in GOLD and choose Petitions.

Requests for late drops for hardship reasons will be considered if a student experienced and unanticipated personal or family hardships that affected their performance in a course. In their statement, the student should describe the challenges they faced and the steps they took to address those challenges.  If possible, a student should provide documentation verifying the hardship:  documentation might include a doctor or therapist note, receipts, wage statements, an obituary notice, legal papers, etc.  If a student is requesting to drop one-or-more but not all of their courses, they will need to explain why the hardship had a more significant impact on those courses than on the course(s) they plan to keep on their schedule.

Late drop requests primarily for academic reasons (not because of a hardship) will also be considered if a student:

Students are allowed up to 3 late drops for academic reasons during their enrollment at UCSB.

After the last day of instruction for a term/session, a request to drop a course is considered “retroactive." Retroactive drops have a higher standard for approval than late drops:  they are granted only for hardship reasons, and so documentation (see above) is important and should be submitted. Please note that if documentation is unavailable  requests will still be considered.  The written statement should include an explanation for why the student did not drop the course during the term. Also, if the request is to drop one-or-more but not all of the term's courses, an explanation must be included as to why/how the hardship significantly impacted the course(s) requested to be dropped but not the other course(s) which are to be kept.  Requests to retroactively drop a course primarily for academic reasons will not be granted. 

Drop-in advising is available to address any concerns and questions students may have. Please visit to arrange to meet with a drop-in advisor.  Transfer students can also speak with a TSC advisor--please identify yourself as a transfer student.

Decision notification for Late Drops:  1-2 weeks

Decision notification for Retroactive Drops: 2-3 weeks

Graduate Course

To Enroll in a graduate-level course


Note:   form is available at the Office of the Registrar


If you are an upper-division student with a very strong academic record, you may request permission to enroll in a graduate-level course. To petition for your request, you must complete available and send it to the Office of the Registrar once it has been completed.

The policy regarding enrollment by an undergraduate in a graduate course requires:

  1. The students must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0;
  2. The student must have at least 12 units of upper-division credit with a grade of B or better in the subject of the graduate course;
  3. Graduate courses completed by undergraduate students will not apply toward graduate degrees, unless taken while enrolled in a combined BS/MS program.

IGETC After Transfer


Use this form if you are a transfer student has completed the omissions in a Partial IGETC.

Incomplete Grade

To receive a grade of Incomplete


Note:  form is available at the Office of the Registrar


To obtain an Incomplete, submit your request to the Registrar’s office by the last working day of the quarter in question.

Incomplete grades must be made up in the first regular quarter immediately following the quarter for which the Incomplete was received. For example, Incomplete grades from spring quarter and summer session must be made up in the immediately following fall quarter, because summer session does not count as a regular quarter.

These deadlines apply whether or not you are registered and whether or not the course is offered in the deadline quarter. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a recorded grade of F or NP, depending on the grading option you have chosen. However, if the deadline is unrealistic for your needs, you may request a separate extension from your instructor.

Students should try to contact their instructor and arrange the incomplete and submit the form before the end of the quarter, but if that is not possible, a student may request a retroactive Incomplete grade. The steps are the same as noted above (an extension is required), except the petition must be submitted to the College Advising Office (1117 Cheadle Hall or for the College's review. Note that the dean will not approve an Incomplete if you were failing the course. If you wish to submit a request for retroactive Incomplete later than the quarter immediately following enrollment, you must include a separate approval for extension of the deadline.

Grading Option Change

To change the grading option after the deadline

Please note changes of grading option are RARELY approved after the deadline. Also, please check in GOLD if the course allows optional grading: only courses that allow optional grading can be considered.  Please send your request to



If your request is not approved, the original grading option will continue to be reflected on your transcript. If your request is approved, your record will reflect the change, and a transaction charge will be billed to your BARC account. Please read the instructions carefully and supply all requested information.

Decision notification:   1-2 weeks for late, 2-3 weeks for retroactive

Change of Major

To change your major or to declare a major

"The Undergraduate Letters & Science Major Change Form" is used  by Letters and Science students to change majors or to add/drop a double (etc.) major in the College of Letters and Science. 

"The Undergraduate Change of College/Dual College Form," is used by Letters and Science students who change colleges and major in the College of Creative Studies or the College of Engineering or by Letters and Science students who plan to complete a Creative Sudies or an Engineering major as well as a Letters and Science major.


If you know what major you wish to declare, you can fill out the change of major form and then send the completed form to your new major's department advisor for approval to join the major.  You ideally should discuss with your intended major's advisor their process of switching into the major.  The department advisor will handle the gather of signatures on your behalf for the form--please do not contact the chair or the Dean.  You can find the departmental advisor by going to the departmental website (check under "Staff" or Undergraduate Advising for the advisor's email contact information). 

In most cases, the department's approval is all you need. However, the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Education is also needed if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are attempting to change your major after completion of 135 units.
  • You are changing to or from another college (Engineering or Creative Studies).   
  • You are proposing a double major. In this case, your petition must be accompanied by a memo of understanding (see panel below).

Note: you do NOT need to personally contact the dean for this approval.  Your major and/or College advisors upon approving the major or College change will coordinate to get this on your behalf.

If you are a double or triple major and wish to drop a major, fill out the change of major form to reflect which major you wish to keep and send directly to the Registrar at

Decision notification:   varies, depending on major change petition request.  Your GOLD account will be updated with the major change. 


Memo of Understanding for Double Majors

To pursue more than one major



If both the majors you propose are offered by the College of Letters and Science:

  • Using the worksheet included in the memo, you must provide an estimate of the term in which you will graduate and the number of units you will have earned at that time.
  • Complete and submit this petition, along with a Change of Major petition (available in the panel above).

If you propose to complete one major in the College of Letters and Science and another in a different college (Engineering or Creative Studies), you will need to provide a quarterly plan to fulfill all degree requirements.

** MUST be filed with the Change of Major Petition (see above).

Independent Study

To enroll in an independent study within normal rules

Please consult with the department.


Eligibility for Independent Study:

  1. You must have completed at least 90 units to register in upper-division independent study courses.
  2. No more than 5 units of independent study may be undertaken in a single quarter or summer session.
  3. No more than 15 units of independent study may be undertaken in an academic year.
  4. No more than 30 units of independent study will be accepted toward the bachelor's degree.


  • You must secure a recommendation from your faculty sponsor(s) and the chair of your major department.
  • You must obtain and complete a proposal for each independent study course proposed (Proposals can be obtained at your department’s office).
  • Submit your completed reques and proposal(s) to your major department office.

Independent Study Exception

To Enroll in an independent study over published unit limits or as a lower-division student



You need to complete this if form if youi plan to enroll in an Indepenedent Student course (numbered 98/99/198/199/199RA), and :

  • You plan to enroll in more that 5 units max per term or 15 units max per year.  Please note that no more than 30 independent study units will be accepted towards the bachelor's degree, and no exceptions can be made for this policy.
  • You plan to enroll an in upper division independent study course (198/199/199RA) for credit, but you are a lower-division student.
  • You must secure a recommendation from your faculty sponsor(s) and the chair of the appropriate department.
  • You must obtain and complete a proposal for each independent study course proposed (proposals can be obtained at your department’s office).

Decision notification:  1-2 weeks