Academic Enhancement Opportunities

In collaboration with faculty and staff from across campus, the College of Letters and Science offer programs that focus on academic and professional experiences that will help undergraduate students succeed at UCSB and beyond. We encourage students to make the most of thier time at UCSB by exploring these opportunities.

If you have any questions contact the College of Letters and Science Advsing Office.

Discovery @ UCSB Seminars

UCSB is a place where people make knowledge. This happens in classrooms, studios, laboratories, museums, and workshops; it happens as faculty and students collaborate on big questions with answers yet to be discovered.

Discovery @ UCSB is your opportunity to learn in depth about how this knowledge-making takes place, and to learn about how you can become a part of it.

Research Opportunities through URCA

Undergraduate research is a signature feature of the UC Santa Barbara experience. Students have the opportunity to initiate their own research projects with faculty mentorship. In addition, over 56% of UCSB undergraduates work with faculty, assisting them on innovative research in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences. As a Minority Serving Institution, UCSB is dedicated to providing undergraduate research experiences that are inclusive of the sociocultural identities and intellectual interests of students from diverse backgrounds.

The Division of Undergraduate Education has 2 programs supporting undergraduate involvement in research: The Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) and the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URCA) grant. 

Capital Internship Programs

The UCSB Capital Internship Program offers wonderful opportunities, UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) and UC Washington Center (UCDC).  Both are UC Systemwide programs and available to students from all UC campuses. The UC Washington Center (UCDC) provides UCSB students with a unique opportunity to live, intern, and study in our nation’s political and cultural epicenter, Washington, D.C.The UC Center in Sacramento (UCCS) provides a unique experiential learning opportunity for UCSB students. Participating students not only engage in stimulating internships and coursework, but also have the opportunity to observe public policy processes firsthand in our state's capital.  Students must apply directly to and interview for their position, and be selected by the internship organization. Go to the Capital Internship Programs website for more information,

Scholarships & Awards

Outstanding UCSB undergraduate students may research Scholarships Requiring UCSB Endorsement, a repository of prestigious national and international scholarship opportunities.