Undeclared & Transitions Advising Program

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What is the Undeclared & Transitions Advising Program?

The Undeclared and Transitions Advising Program assists new and continuing students who have not yet declared a major or are transitioning between majors in thinking critically about who they are, where they want to go, and in charting a path for getting there that will make the most out of their UCSB experience!

To support you in career and major exploration we offer

  • Peer and faculty networking,
  • Guided advising,
  • Special programs for exploring academic and personal goals,
  • Career development,
  • and more.

The Undeclared and Transitions Advising Team utilizes advanced, specialized advising techniques when working with students who are currently Undeclared or who are exploring new possible major paths to encourage in-depth self-reflection that allows students to consider values, interests, and abilities. We also assist students in creating academic plans and finding engagement opportunities that explore possible major interests.  We work with continuing students as they evaluate their progress and re-evaluate their options with the goal that all Undeclared students will have identified one or two majors of interest by the end of their first year.



***Same-Day Drop-In Undeclared Advising Hours & appointments will be available beginning the week of OCTOBER 16.  If you have advising questions before then, please join the Same-Day Drop-In Advising queue to speak with a general advisor.

Same-Day Drop-In Undeclared Advising Hours – Phone, Zoom, In-Person***

  • Weds 9:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Thurs 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Join QLess for Same-Day Drop-In Advising HERE! Please join the Same Day General & Honors Advising Queue. When you reach the front of the line and receive a call, let the advisor know you want to speak with an Undeclared advisor and if you prefer phone call, Zoom, or in-person. We are located in 1117 Cheadle Hall, on the first floor straight past the elevators.

Most questions can be answered through drop-in advising. If you have an issue that you think might take more than 10-15 minutes, please see below on how to schedule an appointment.

Schedule an appointment***

30-minute appointments can be made via Shoreline. Use one of the Shoreline links below to schedule an appointment with an Undeclared & Transitions Advisor.

Appointments are reserved for relatively complicated issues/questions that might take more than 10-15 minutes. Click here to see why you might want to schedule an appointment.

Appointment slots are only released two weeks in advance, and we do not schedule same-day or next-day appointments. If there are no appointments available, please check back at a later time or visit our same-day drop-in hours on QLess and we'll be happy to speak with you.


You can reach us via email at undeclared_advising@LTSC.ucsb.edu. Please include your name and perm number with your question(s). Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

If you cannot make it to the drop-in advising hours or schedule an appointment, please email us and we'll work to find a time to meet!



A. Caitlin Lester

Education: B.A. Anthropology and B.A. English, UCLA; M.A. Anthropology, UCSD; M.A. Educational Policy Studies, International and Comparative Education, Indiana University, Bloomington.

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Vivien Truong (she/her)        

Education: B.A. Communication and B.A. Language, Culture, and Society, UC Santa Barbara

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