Honors Program

Are you ready to step into a realm of limitless opportunities?

The College of Letters and Science Honors Program at UC Santa Barbara invites you to embark on a transformative adventure that will shape your intellect, relationships, and future success. This program is designed to give students in the College of Letters and Science the opportunity to pursue their interests as part of a community of scholars. Seize this chance to be part of a community that celebrates learning, exploration, and academic excellence, connecting you to the resources of a large university while providing an intimate collegiate atmosphere where you work closely with peers and professors in small classes, research laboratories, and special programs and activities. Embrace the extraordinary – join us in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery!

Check out all the benefits and advantages Honors students can enjoy!

New to the Honors Program and want a quick overview? Click Here for the New Student Orientation presentation.

Who is eligible to join the Honors Program?

We are actively seeking first year, continuing second year, and new transfer students from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of experiences and interests, who are passionate about learning, exploration, and contributing to our vibrant community. We are excited to welcome students who are committed to leveraging these unique opportunities to enrich our community.  Please go to the Honors Application Process page for more details on eligibility and when students may join the program.

What are the requirements to join and remain in the Honors Program?

To be a member of the Honors Program a student must:

  1. Complete the Application Process.
  2. Successfully complete Annual Requirements to remain in good standing and on track to complete Honors Program Requirements by graduation.
  3. Complete 6 Honors Experiences by graduation
  4. Complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service by graduation. Community service is reflective of Honors values of repairing, sustaining, or improving the fabric of the university or the larger community.
  5. Meet the minimum GPA requirements
  6. During the first two weeks of your final quarter, complete the “Intent to Complete the Honors Program” form
  7. Optional: Complete a Capstone Experience (required for students seeking to complete the “Academic Engagement Award”) 

How do I speak with an Honors Advisor?

Honors Drop-in Same Day Advising Hours (Spring 2024 beginning Apr. 16)

Tuesdays        9:30-11:30 am (Phone or Zoom room)

Thursdays       1-3.30 pm (Phone or Zoom room)


Other ways to get in touch with an academic advisor:

  1. (For questions not Honors-specific outside of the above days/times) Drop-in Same Day Advising on QLess: Get in the "General & Honors Call Back Queue" in QLess during our listed hours.  A General advisor will give you call back over phone or Zoom.

  2. Email us at honorsmail@ltsc.ucsb.edu. Please include your PERM and a good callback number in your email to us.

How do I verify the number of Honors Experiences I’ve completed?

Complete the “College of Letters and Science Honors Program Experiences Progress Request” form to verify the number of Honors Experiences you have completed. Our Honors Advisors will verify the information provided and notify you via email. Please expect 2 weeks to process.

Need a petition/form for another academic advising matter? Most are available online, and can be found on the "Petitions (Forms)" page.