Intercampus Visitor Program

About the Program

The Intercampus Visitor Program allows eligible undergraduates to spend one term at another university in order to take advantage of the educational opportunities there (such as courses that are not available at UCSB, a special program, or work with a distinguished faculty member). For more information about this program, contact the Intercampus Visitor Program coordinator in the Office of the Registrar.

Choosing Courses

If you plan to participate in the Intercampus Visitor Program, consult the UCSB College Advising Office staff for both your college and your major department to determine how courses from the host campus may apply toward your graduation requirements. Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog of the host campus, and usually online.

In addition, you may want to contact an advisor at the host campus to determine if there are prerequisites or requirements for the courses you plan to take.