Additional Resources and Information

Additional Resources and Information

Campus Resources

  • UCSB Career Services This office offers additional avenues for pre-law advising (see list of advising topics below) and for exploring topics related to law school and the legal profession.

    • Law school events
    • Career information and planning
    • Guidance in choosing a career
    • Interest assessment tools
    • Information about professional and graduate schools
    • Test preparation resources
  • CLAS (Campus Learning Assistance Services) CLAS offers tutorial groups and academic skills workshops, as well as one-on-one writing and academic coaching appointments. Visit the MyCLAS website to enroll online.

Student Organizations

  • Legal Education Association for Diversity (LEAD) LEAD provides mentorships, networking, resources, and information to students of color who are interested in pursuing a law school education.

  • Mock Trial Team Mock Trial allows undergraduate students to take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses, acting out a fictitious case while competing against the mock trial teams of other universities.

  • Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.) Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity is a co-ed organization with alumni chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. P.A.D. provides a strong community for students interested in pursuing a career in legal, professional, or public service.

Law School Application Assistance

  • LSAC (The Law School Admissions Council) Create a student account with LSAC to register for the LSAT online, receive your scores via e-mail, assemble credentials, track your applications, and more.

  • AS/EOP Grants

    • Graduate Program Testing Fees: (e.g., CBEST, GRE, GMAT, MCAT & LSAT) grants are available only after documentation has been submitted which indicates that a waiver of such a fee [by the LSAC] is not possible. Please see EOP for additional information.
    • Graduate/Professional Program Application Fees: Grants to Offset Graduate/Professional Program Application Fees (with a maximum of five applications) will be granted only if the student can provide documentation that indicates that a waiver of such a fee [by a law school] is not possible or that it has been denied. Please see EOP for additional information.

Professional Organizations

  • NALP (The Association for Legal Career Professionals) NALP is a professional organization that offers career counseling and planning, professional development, and other services to law students, lawyers, and its members.

  • ABA (American Bar Association) - Comprehensive Bar Admissions Requirements. The ABA site provides information about bar admissions guidelines, which vary from state to state.

  • The State Bar of California Of the UCSB graduates who eventually pursue the legal profession, a large number take the California Bar Examination. Visit the State Bar of California’s website to learn about the bar admission requirements, pass rate statistics, and more.

Additional Resources

  • Financial Resources for DACA Students Compiled by the West Coast Consortium of Private Law Schools in collaboration with UC Law Schools (updated September 2017) [January 2020 update coming soon]
  • Immigrants Rising Pre-Law Fund See site for eligibility. Grants will cover LSAT preparation (courses, tutoring, self-study materials, etc) and law school application fees. In additiona to financial support, recipients will be connected to Immigrants Rising's network of legal professionals.