Reinstatement after absence

If you wish to return to UCSB after a break in enrollment, and your academic standing is either Academic Probation or Academically Disqualified, you must submit the following to the Office of the Registrar:

  1. A completed application for Readmission after Absence
  2. A form of explanation (
  3. Application fee as set by the Registrar
  4. Official transcripts from all academic institutions you have attended during your absence

You  can  obtain  an  Application  for  Readmission  from  the Office  of the Registrar  or download  a copy from the Registrar's website We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible and note that readmission is subject to closure without notice. All applications must be submitted no later than the deadlines listed below.


Absolute deadlines for applications are as follows:

Fall quarter - second Monday in May

Winter quarter- second Monday in August

Spring quarter- third Tuesday in January



We will not approve reinstatement until a student is able to provide documentary evidence of being prepared to succeed at UCSB.  This evidence often takes the form of excellent grades in coursework undertaken during the absence.    Some students are required to earn high grades in University of California summer session before reinstatement is approved. 

We encourage you to meet with an academic advisor, so that we can offer you advice on how to strengthen your personal case for reinstatement.   Call 805-893-2038 or email to schedule an appointment.

If you are attending UCSB for summer session, you must complete the following steps:

  • Apply for Summer Sessions at by mid-April.  It takes about 2-3 days for your GOLD account to be activated.
  • Log into GOLD to check your pass times and register for summer courses.
  • Contact OISS in mid-April and request your I-20 for summer and inform them you will be applying for reinstatement.

Transferable work completed at another institution while away from UCSB will affect your unit totals and time granted to complete your degree upon return. To determine how much time you have to complete your degree after returning, consult with an Advisor in the College of Letters and Science immediately.

For questions about the application for reinstatement, consult the Office of the Registrar, 805/893-3592'.

Reinstatement decisions usually take at least three weeks. If you have submitted all needed materials and you do not receive a response within a month, consult the College of Letters and Science, at