Community Service

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The Honors Program aims to equip students with rich experiences both inside and outside the classroom. For this reason, community service is among the Honors Program requirements. Community service can:

  • Expand your intellectual development
  • Diversify your personal experience
  • Help you define your interests and strengths
  • Supplement your in-class learning
  • Open pathways to new careers
  • Help you build a resume
  • Connect you to new people with similar interests and values
  • Afford you the chance to make a difference in your community

Community Service Requirement

Students who plan to complete the Honors Program must complete 40 hours of volunteer service prior to graduation, in addition to maintaining continued eligibility and completing the appropriate number of Honors Experiences. 

For students who joined the Honors Program as first-years or second-years (not transfers), or transfers beginning in Fall 2021 and beyond a service activity must reflect Honors values of repairing, sustaining, or improving the fabric of the university or the larger community. Students, when submitting their service hours for program review, will be required to explain how their service fits this goal.

While it may be more challenging to accomplish volunteer service during the pandemic, sites like and can be great places to start as you brainstorm ideas.


Refer to the Verifying Completed Service section for information on the required form to submit to the Honors Program.

*Community service may be completed outside the Santa Barbara community, including while studying abroad.

General Community Service Opportunities

Service opportunities are publicized at the Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCen 2523, and on the Honors Listserv.

Isla Vista School Tutoring Program

Please note: This tutoring program is on hold due to the Covid pandemic.  We hope to be able to resume the program in the 2022-23 academic year, but details on that plan are still to be determined.

The Honors Program sponsors a tutoring program with Isla Vista School, offering Honors students the opportunity to fulfill their community service requirements while making a difference in a local child’s life. The program matches each volunteer tutor with a sixth- grade student. For two hours each week, the tutor helps the student develop the academic and social skills needed for junior high school. Informational meetings are held each fall quarter. Please email questions to

Verifying Community Service

In order for the Honors Program staff to verify completion of the community service requirement, you will need to:

  1. Submit your volunteer hours for each service activity using our service-entry website. You will log in with your UCSB Net ID.
  2. Complete an online entry form for each activity, indicating the number of service hours you completed. Your volunteer supervisor (who cannot be a student) will get an email regarding your service and will notify our office of any errors. You will be copied on the email to your supervisor.  We will inform you if your service submission was denied.
  3. Note: In the online entry form you must enter a valid e-mail address for your service supervisor; be sure to obtain their e-mail address prior to filling out the online form.
  4. Please allow two weeks for processing each entry. You will be able to see your completed hours at the community service website.