Crashing Courses, Waitlisting, and GauchoSpace in Spring 2020

If you are attempting to crash a course or are on the waitlist for course in Spring 2020, you should access the course’s GauchoSpace and participate in all the course’s activities while you wait to learn whether you will be allowed to enroll in the course.
Please do the following if you are waitlist or crashing a course:
  1. Find the GauchoSpace for the course!  See if the instructor is allowing  students to “enroll” themselves into the GauchoSpace for the course.  This is not the same as registering in the course in GOLD, but you will be able to start accessing materials and doing assignments while you wait to see if you will be able to get into the course.  Your participation in the course activities on GauchoSpace may be a factor in whether you get an approval code.
  2. Check the department website for information about crashing in that department! Some, approval codes may be handled by the undergraduate advisor.
  3. If the department does not provide this information, email the instructor!  Let the instructor know that you are on the waitlist  or want to crash the course. Include your name and perm number, and ask for access to the GauchoSpace for the course unless you already have access.  Once you are given access, keep up with all the readings, activities, and assignments as you wait to see if you will be allowed in the course.
Instructors will do their best to respond to your requests as quickly as possible, but we ask for patience as we do our best to make remote instruction at UCSB successful for the quarter. Please see Keep Learning UCSB for resources and suggestions that will help you be a successful online student.


News Date: 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020