Honors Section Stipend Request

Instructors must notify their department advisor if they are offering an Honors Section, in order for advisors to relay this information to the Honors Program quarterly.

Honors Program staff will contact Honors Section professors at the start of each quarter with the Stipend offer, which will include the deadline to submit requests. The Honors Stipend request ($300 maximum per section) must be submitted during the first few weeks of the quarter in which the Honors Section is conducted. The Dean will review requests and the Honors Program will then notify instructors. Please allow 1-2 weeks after your request submission for the review. After notification of approval, please allow a few weeks for funds to be available in your department (transfers are not immediate). Please refer any questions to honorsmail@ltsc.ucsb.edu.

Note: This Stipend Request form is for Honors Sections only (not for INT 84/184 Honors Seminars).

Instructor and Course Information
Enter your first and last name.
Enter your title.
Enter your full email address (eg instructor-address@department.ucsb.edu).
Enter the name of your department.
Enter the course number (eg FEMST 20H).
Financial Information
Enter the requested amount in dollars of the stipend (Maximum of $300 per honors section).
Please describe how the requested funds will be used.
Financial Contact
Department Financial Contact Information for Stipend Payments
Name of financial contact in your department.
Enter the email address for the above listed financial contact.