Honors Deadlines

Quarterly Deadlines

Honors Contract Proposal

Online Honors Contract proposal forms are due by the end of the second full week of each quarter. Click here for more information about contracts.

Completion of the Honors Program

The online "Intent to Complete the Honors Program" form must be submitted to the Honors Program at the start of your final quarter for advisors to review.  This is a separate step from Declaring Graduation Candidacy, but the Honors Completion deadline coincides with the Registrar’s deadline to declare graduation candidacy.  More information can be found here

  • Note:  Summer and Fall  graduates who submitted their forms early (in Spring) to participate in commencement do not need to submit another form during their final quarter.  All other students should submit their Honors Completion forms within the first two weeks of their final quarter at UCSB.

Application to Join the Honors Program

The application is available online every July for eligible students who will be sophomores in the fall. Click here for more information about eligibility and application.