Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) Directory

The FRAP Directory allows students to identify UCSB faculty who are looking for undergraduate students to participate in their research projects or creative activities. Please use the links below to find opportunities by discipline. Students, if your desired discipline is not listed, please contact the Undergraduate Research Initiatives office at 805-893-3090 or urca@ltsc.ucsb.edu for assistance. Faculty, if you would like to post your research or creative activity opportunity, please complete the online submission form.

Counseling Clinical and School Psychology

Shane Jimerson

Education 2119

Research Project

The Power of Play project focuses on the utility of specific playground strategies targeted to facilitate pro-social play activities and the development of conflict resolution and problem solving skills among elementary-aged children. Dr. Jimerson is looking for Research Assistants who can optimally commit for the Fall, Winter, and Spring (or those beginning mid year who may continue the remainder of the current year and the following year). Research Assistants enroll in CNCSP 199RA or the CNCSP 197 seminar to obtain course credit for their participation each quarter (depending upon your availability between 1-4 credits, 3hrs per credit). Responsibilities include; A) participating in weekly team meetings, B) playing with children (grades 1-3) during recess, C) reviewing relevant literature.

Undergraduate Contribution

Responsibilities include; A) participating in weekly team meetings, B) playing with children (grades k-6) during recess, C) reviewing relevant literature.


If you are interested in contributing to Dr. Jimerson’s research team, please e-mail responses to the questions below to Cecile Binmoeller (cbinmoeller@education.ucsb.edu) and cc: Dr. Jimerson (Jimerson@education.ucsb.edu).

  • NAME:
  • E-mail Address:
  • 1) Expected date of graduation?
  • 2) Major and Overall UC GPA?
  • 3) Future plans: Graduate school or otherwise?
  • 4) Future plans: Career?
  • 5) Of all the volunteers, why are you an optimal candidate

Maryam Kia-Keating

Education 2115

Research Project

Photovoice Research Project: Seeking students as undergraduate Research Assistants to work for two quarters with a UCSB clinical psychology faculty member on a Photovoice project at San Marcos High School (SMHS). The program will take place Monday through Friday from 8-9:30 a.m. in the photography class at SMHS.

Undergraduate Contribution

Students will participate in two photography classes each week, as well as receive weekly supervision.


PLEASE NOTE: a 2-quarter commitment and bilingual speakers are preferred. If interested please fill out the SURVEY (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HYPC37W) and CONTACT Diana Capous at dcapous@education.ucsb.edu to set up an interview.