Research Opportunities

Undergraduate participation in faculty research is a signature feature of the UC Santa Barbara experience. Over 56 percent of UC Santa Barbara undergraduates work with faculty, assisting them on innovative research in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences. Students also have the opportunity to initiate their own research projects with faculty mentorship. 

The Division of Undergraduate Education has 2 programs supporting undergraduate involvement in research: The Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) and the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URCA) grant. 

Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP)

Through FRAP, students can apply to work with faculty on existing projects.

Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URCA)

Through URCA, students can receive funding for independent research projects or creative activities.

Other Research Opportunities

Additional UCSB and non-UCSB opportunities are listed in the Other Research Opportunities section.

Undergraduate Research Colloquium

Undergraduates can present the results of their research at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium, held each spring at UC Santa Barbara.

Undergraduate Research Slam

The Undergraduate Research Slam offers students the chance to give dynamic, 3-minute oral presentations of their research or creative activity to a panel of judges.

Other Research Awards for Undergraduates

Students are also eligible to apply for awards honoring outstanding undergraduate research, including: The Chancellor’s Award.