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Be the Match

Mission statement: Be the Match Club is a student organization affiliated with the Be the Match National Marrow Registry. This organization's mission is to spread awareness about the importance of marrow transplants. Furthermore, this organization hosts marrow drives on campus to provide students with a way to register as potential marrow donors through the National Registry.

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Global Medical Brigades

Mission Statement: We are a student-led organization dedicated to working with licensed medical professionals and community health workers to provide comprehensive health services in rural communities with limited access to healthcare. Our current focus is in Honduras, Ghana, and Panama.

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Health Professions Association (HPA)

Mission statement: The Health Professions Association is here at UCSB to ensure that those seeking a career in the health professions will have all the resources to reach their goals. We have regular meetings throughout the quarter, inviting a wide range of speakers ranging from medical and professional school admission officers, to practicing health professionals, to internship opportunities. Coming in February we have our Health Conference event at which speakers in almost every medical field will come and share about what exactly they do. Membership is open to everyone. Please seek us out and use all of our resources available to you. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the health professional field, HPA is the organization for you. Whether you are interested in medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, medical assisting, or anything health related we are here to help you! Go to for details and contact information.

Health Guardians of America (HGA), UCSB Chapter

Mission statement: We are a group of college students passionate about pressing public health issue, general healthy living, and physical fitness. We are firm believers in this cause and excited in promoting this in the general and at-risk populations. We provide personalized programs for young adults to promote healthy living and educate personal fitness. Health Guardians of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates the FitLife program securely and safely. The development and maintenance of the health program is managed by a professional developers in Silicon Valley. Founded by medical students from Berkeley, Columbia, and UCSF, the organization strives to contribute to combatting the national obesity epidemic leading to diabetes and heart disease with innovative solutions. The health organization was established circa 2011 in Berkeley, California


Los Curanderos

Mission statement: Los Curanderos is a pre-health student organization established in the 1970's. We are committed to providing support and information to students from underrepresented backgrounds or who are interested in providing health care to underserved communities. During our weekly meetings health professionals serve as guest speakers and literature on professional schools is provided. We strive to give back to the community by participating in community service events. Other events include blood drives, medical school conferences, and our own annual "Healing Our Communities" conference.

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Facebook page: Los Curanderos


Mission Statement:  (Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere) is an organization dedicated to helping families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. UCSB Medlife seeks to achieve this goal through medical volunteerism in poor communities working to improve access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and Development.



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The Pink Research Link, Breast Cancer Awareness Club

Mission Statement:  Creating a link among institutions, students, and community by spreading knowledge about the current scientific advancements in Breast Cancer research.



Facebook: Pink Link UCSB

Rho Psi Eta

Mission statement: Rho Psi Eta is a Pre-Health academic sorority whose main purpose is to help women who are interested in health professions. Qualified members will be building their resume while getting experiences in various health fields in the name of sisterhood and academic excellence.

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Street Health Outreach (SHO)

Mission statement: Street Health Outreach is a UCSB campus organization dedicated to providing basic care to the homeless communities of Santa Barbara County, and assisting other community organizations in giving medical attention to those living on our streets and in our shelters. We believe that keeping our local homeless population healthy is fundamental to the health of the entire community.

SHO believes, that as students, we are able to bridge the gap between medical professionals, local authorities and social workers by serving as a frequent source of positive social interaction with the homeless. We listen to their stories, form friendships, give moral support, and help them acquire the basic necessities to survive on the streets. We also help them establish contact with more extensive community resources that assist with rehabilitation, medical care and housing.

Street Health Outreach is student run and funded through donations from the UCSB community and the companies that serve our county.

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Facebook page: Street Health Outreach

Transfer Pre-Health Association (TPHA)

Mission statement: This program is designed specifically for transfer students aspiring to have a career in the health field. We aim to quickly integrate transfer students into UCSB while also showing them the many opportunities they have available to them at this school. We also want to create a sense of community around transfer students so that they can support each other. This program will offer several volunteer programs to help our local community and more. TPHA will have specialized advising for transfers and lectures from professionals in the health field and their experiences as a transfer student.  We understand that transfers only have a limited time at the university so we aim to quickly put transfers in a position where they can make an impact in our community. 

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Facebook page: Transfer Pre-Health Association

UCSB Pre-Dental Organization (PDO)

Mission statement: The UCSB Pre-Dental Organization (PDO) is a club for pre-dental or interested students who want to find out about the field of dentistry and what it takes to get into dental school. We take trips to tour dental schools, meet local dentists, get DAT testing advice, interact with other students with similar interests and goals, fundraise for underserved dentistry, and get involved with volunteering in our community.

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Facebook page:  Pre-Dental Org



Mission Statement: To meet the needs of students interested in optometry/visual science and to aid optometric bound students undergoing the application process.

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Facebook page: Envision-The Official Pre-Optometry Association at UCSB

UCSB Pre Pharmacy Association

Mission Statement: The UCSB Pre-Pharmacy Student Association is the primary pre-pharmacy student organization on campus. We are a student-run society with the purpose of exposing the UCSB community to the professional field of pharmacy and to the wide range of fields available within it. We are not exclusively for pre-pharmacy students-whether you are planning to attend pharmacy school or are still undecided about the field, we are here to serve you.

Facebook page: UCSB Pre-Pharmacy Student Association

UCSB Pre-Physician Assistant Association

Mission Statement: The UCSB Pre-Physician Assistant Association (PPAA) is for Pre-PA students and interested individuals who want to learn about the profession..

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Mu Delta

Mu Delta is the UCSB pre-med fraternity. See for details.

The Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

Mission statement: The Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is dedicated to promoting interest in and displaying the breadth of the veterinary field.

Website: UCSB Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

Phi Delta Epsilon

Mission Statement:  Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics. 

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