Honors Graduation Requirements

There are several components to completing the Honors Program. In addition to maintaining continued eligibility each year, you must fulfill the program requirements. This includes meeting a minimum GPA and completing the required number of Honors Experiences and service hours. At the start of your final quarter, you must submit an Honors Completion Form to our office noting any honors coursework in progress (the deadline to submit this form is the same as declaring graduation candidacy with the Registrar's Office). When you ultimately complete the Honors Program, you earn the Academic Excellence Award.

Program Requirements

To complete the Honors Program, you must:

  • Fulfill the required number of academic Honors Experiences at UCSB, earning a letter grade of B or better in each.
  • Fulfill the community service requirement
  • Graduate with an overall UC GPA of at least 3.60

Academic Honors Experiences (irrespective of unit value) include successful completion of:

  • Any Honors Section*
  • Any Honors Contract
  • Any Honors Seminar
  • Effective Fall 2015, any Freshman Seminar
  • Any other class automatically granted honors credit (a complete list of these courses can be found here).

*Note: An Honors Section taken in conjunction with a regular discussion section counts as 1 Honors Experience (i.e. EARTH 30H + EARTH 30). You must earn satisfactory grades in both the Honors Section and in the discussion section to earn 1 Honors Experience.

The full requirements for Honors Experiences and service hours are detailed below.  Please note that student must complete at least two Honors Experiences each academic year to stay in the program (see the Annual Requirements portion of our site for details).

Admission to Program Total Honors Experiences Required *Upper-Division Honors Experiences Required Community Service Required

Honors At Entrance

(1st-year students admitted to Honors upon UCSB Admission)

9 5 40 hours total 
Honors At Transfer (Transfer students admitted to Honors) 5 5 20 hours total
Three Year Graduates OR Students Admitted Between Freshman and Sophomore Years 7 5 40 hours total 
Students Admitted Between Sophomore and Junior Years 5 5 20 hours total

* UC Education Abroad (UCEAP), UC Washington DC (UCDC) and UC Center in Sacramento (UCCS) Programs:
A UCEAP term will count as a single, upper-division Honors Experience as long as the student was registered for at least 12 graded units, earned no grade lower than a B, and earned at least a 3.0 GPA.
A UCDC or a UCCS term will count as a single, upper-division Honors Experience as long as the student earned at least a B in the required research seminar.

Academic Excellence Award

About the Award

Also known as "completing the program," the Academic Excellence Award is awarded to Honors Program students who complete the requirements of the program. The award is noted on recipients' transcripts and in the souvenir program distributed at the Honors Program’s Commencement Reception. Recipients also receive a certificate from the College of Letters and Science.

How to Receive the Award

In order to receive the Academic Excellence Award, you must file a petition with the Honors Program during the first two weeks of your final quarter at UCSB (you will list any honors courses in progress). “Intent to Complete the Honors Program” forms are available in the College Advising Office (1117 Cheadle), or you can download a blank copy of the form here:

Keep in mind that, in order to be approved for the award, you must have maintained continued eligibility for the Honors Program during your time at UCSB, and you must complete the program requirements by the time your degree is finalized.