Honors Annual Requirements

In order to complete the Honors Program, each student must meet the continued eligibility criteria in addition to completing the program requirements. To verify continued eligibility, the Honors Program staff conducts an annual review of each honors student’s transcript every summer. Following that review, honors students who did not meet the annual requirements by the end of spring quarter will be emailed about their dismissal from the program for the upcoming academic year. All other honors students will automatically continue in the program for the upcoming academic year.

To learn about the specific guidelines for ongoing honors eligibility, please see below. 

In order to continue in the Honors Program:

  • You must have completed at least two academic Honors Experiences in the previous academic year. (Please note, students need more than the minimum yearly requiremnt to finish the program. See the Graduation Requirements page for details.)
  • You must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 in the previous academic year.

Academic honors experiences (irrespective of unit value) include successful completion of:

  • Any Honors Section*
  • Any Honors Contract
  • Any Honors Seminar 
  • Effective Fall 2015, any Freshman Seminar
  • Any other class automatically granted honors credit (a complete list of these courses can be found here).

*Note: An Honors Section taken in conjunction with a regular discussion section counts as 1 honors experience (i.e. EARTH 30H + EARTH 30). You must earn satisfactory grades in both the Honors Section and in the discussion section to earn 1 Honors Experience.